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Friday, 16 September 2011 09:12

Gainward GTX 560 2GB reviewed - 11. Overclocking, Thermals, Power Consumption

Written by Sanjin Rados

Review: GTX560 1GB vs GTX560 2GB


Overclocking the GF114 should not be a problem, regardless of whether it’s reference or specially designed GTX 560 Ti or GTX 560. Most GTX 560 Ti cards will run stable at 920+MHz. Gainward’s cooling provides a nice foundation for a healthy overclock and we got the following results. We managed to push the GPU from 810MHz to 930MHz. The memory ran at 1200MHz.







The GTX 560 2GB is almost inaudible,. The card isn’t much louder than the reference cards when the GPU is under load, but we expected it to be quieter or at least the same.



Power Consumption

Consumption is in line with reference GTX 560 cards, mostly due to the fact that Gainward GTX 560 2048MB runs at reference clocks.


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Last modified on Wednesday, 21 September 2011 08:32
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+1 #1 Tranzz 2011-09-16 10:32
Gainward Geforce GTX 560 2048MB "Phantom" The Phantom is designed for those with a taste for maximum silence. Although factory overclocked by only 12MHz, powerful Phantom cooling will have you covered if you decide to push the card further. Core Clock 822 MHz Memory Size 1,024 MB

typo has 1gb of mem not 2
-29 #2 dan 2011-09-16 10:52
Waste of money. Buy the AMD equivalent performer for FAR LESS money.
+5 #3 bardenck 2011-09-16 14:25
so, other than metro at 2560, the extra gig is 100% useless, as is the 560 itself in metro at 2560, regardless...
+2 #4 godrilla 2011-09-17 15:59
Anyone playing metro 2033 @ 1600p needs 3 gtx 580 in sli just to get smooth gameplay @ max settings not a the gtx 560 with extra ram lol!
I feel like extra ram on any gpu is always over priced for the lack of perfomance gain anayway!

This is the same case for a gtx 580 with 3 gigs priced @ $100 or even more than vanilla flavor!

Ram these days costs very cheap ( for example brand name corsair 16 gigs for less than $100)

This is where gpu companies are making their profits from the naive.
+2 #5 BernardP 2011-09-19 02:07
This GTX560 is mercifully short, and thus a good fit for small footprint systems with decent performance.

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