HP issues Star Wars themed Skylake laptop
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The force is strong in this one

HP Empire is hoping to strike back and has released a new Skylake laptop to go with the "The Force Awakens" flick.

HP and SanDisk work on new Storage Class Memory
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What do you get if you cross a memristor and a ReRam?

The maker of expensive printer ink, HP and SanDisk want to create new technology for Storage Class Memory (SCM) which combines the best of memristor and ReRAM.

Microsoft likely to kill control panel
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You are out of control

Software giant Microsoft is planning to kill off the control panel in future versions of Windows 10.

Apple denies that Samsung A9 uses more power
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TSMC and Samsung chips have the same battery life 

Reports have been coming in claiming that some iPhone 6S handsets have longer battery life than others, depending on which version of the A9 processor it's running.

Dell stuffs an InfinityEdge display into XPS 15
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Popular Windows 10 machine gets bigger

Dell designers did well when they created a 13.3-inch 3200x1800 QHD+ display with edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass and made the top and side edge bezels of the display are near non-existent.

Gigabyte grows by 36.04 per cent
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Technology Industry slow down, what is that?

Gigabyte is bucking the trend for a slowdown in the technology market.

US dollar kills PCs
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09 October 2015

US dollar kills PCs

Sales continue to fall

Beancounters at Gartner say that the rising US dollar is helping to kill off PC sales.

Qualcomm comes up with LTE modem chip for Microsoft
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Windows 10 ready

Qualcomm has continued its friendship with Microsoft by extending its latest LTE-Advanced modem, the X12, to Windows 10 notebooks and tablets.

Barclays stalls Apple Pay
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Maybe next year

Barclays’ Bank is not signing up for Apple pay at least until next year.

Apple goes on offensive over Steve Jobs movie
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Apple and its chums on the Tame Apple Press are doing their level best to rubbish the next Steve Jobs flick which portrays him as a megalomaniac, spin merchant who really was no technical genius.